How to stop windows updates in windows 10 or want to get rid of windows 10 automatic update


Hey Guys! Is your system consuming too much data and even you do not know why is this happening? Or you just want to stop windows updates which happen automatically in your windows 10 every time. Windows 10 update is an automatic process but with this guide, you would be able to stop windows 10 automatic updates without any issue. Your system downloads and install windows update be it quality or cumulative updates as soon as they are ready for the system.

It’s good for your system to be up to date but sometimes it becomes hectic and you wish to get rid of it.

Even some time you encounter some issue post update installation so what to do to stop these updates or have you done it from your side but only for a few days.

Now it’s time to check your windows update build version whether you have the automatic windows update stopper or not.

Just Press Windows key along with R > Type Winver >> Windows version

There are many methods through which you can stop automatic updates and we will discuss one by one.

We have three methods to stop the windows automatic updates

  1. Stop windows 10 updates from setting
  2. Stop from registry
  3. Stop from services
stop the windows automatic updates

How to stop windows update from settings:

First Go to settings and then select network and internet 

Select the Wi-Fi Option at left side panel Select Manage known networks 

Select the wi-fi network properties 

On the same page select the Metered connection and turn it on. 

If the metered connection is on them your system stops the update over the metered connection.

There is one feature in latest windows update to delay the windows update for 35 days or you can pause it for few days until you are not ready for it.

To stop windows update:

Go to Windows Settings (Win + I)

stop the windows automatic updates

Choose update and security – “Pause update for 7 days”

It will pause the updates by 7 days so after 7 days it will start it again. If you want to stop it for few more days then go to the next option” Advanced options”.

stop the windows automatic updates

Select Advanced options

Select option “pause updates” and select date till then you want to stop it but there is some limit so need to increase this limit before exceed.

stop the windows automatic updates

Once you select this option your system will not install or download any windows update until it reaches its limit

You can disable the windows update from services as well.

Disable windows update from servives:

Now a question comes in mind that what is services?

services are computer programs that work in the background. It is the Services and Controller app, services.exe, that launches all the services and manages their actions, such as start, end, etc.

Now I think you have an idea what are services so go ahead now. 

How can you access the services? Or How to access the service utility?

Just Open Run Box > Win+R 

Type Services.MSc 

stop the windows automatic updates

Now you can see the complete list of windows services that you can disable or manage.

Second way open the task manager –

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc 

Select the tab “services”

Below that page select Open services

Now check for 3 Major services that help the system for windows update download & Install and then disable these services. 

Windows update – Provides updates for the operating system and its installed components

Background Intelligent Transfer Service – Transfers files between machines using idle network bandwidth. Used by Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services, and Systems Management Server to deliver software updates to clients, as well as by Windows Messenger.

Cryptographic Service – it confirms the signatures of Windows files and allows new programs to be installed; Protected Root Service, which adds and removes Trusted Root Certification Authority certificates from this computer; and Automatic Root Certificate Update Service, which retrieves root certificates from Windows Update and enable scenarios such as SSL.

stop the windows automatic updates

Select the windows update service – Right click and select properties

stop the windows automatic updates

 Set Start up type to – Disable

Follow the same procedure with the other 2 services as well and disable all 3 of them.

Stop windows update from Registry:

Note: Always create a backup of your registry before making any changes to it. 

Follow the below-mentioned method to do it. 

Open registry editor (Type Regedit in the start menu or run box)

File –> Export 

Select the location to save 

Gave a name to registry back up 

If you need to recover the system to the old stage then again just open registry editor and select Import instead of export.

What is windows registry: Registries are the low-level settings of the system that manage the whole system.

Usually, it works on binary values and you can manage your complete system if you are handy with registries.

Open run box and type

Regedit à It will open the registry editor

Open the following path


Right-click on Windows folder and select “New” and then Key 

Now you will new folder labeled as New Key#1

Name this key or folder asWindowsUpdate”

Again, click on the new key “WindowsUpdate” and select New à Key 

Gave the NameAU” to this key 

stop the windows automatic updates

Now in the AU Folder right-click on the right-side blank panel- Select New DWORD Value (32Bit)

Name itNoAutoUpdate”

Now open it with double click and change the value from 0 to 1.

Now just restart the system and your system will not do any automatic update. 

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