How to increase internet speed for free without paying more


You are looking for much faster internet speed or want to increase internet speed for free without paying more. So, here are few tips that can help you out with your internet. Let me make it clear for you that I am not going to discuss any hacks here which can boost your internet speed 4 or 5 times without any extra cost. There are many ways through which you can increase the internet speed and we will only the same here.

I am pretty sure that with these simple tricks you will feel simple boost in your internet speed.

Before moving to increase your internet speed for free without paying extra we need to follow some prerequisites. 

Check your internet speed

First you need to check your internet speed. Just visit the and look at your download and upload speed. Suppose you are getting great speed but it seems like whenever you are trying to surf the internet things go crazy or slow. May be this is due to your system internet consumption. I.E – Your system updates. So, stop your windows 10 automatic updates here.

So, check whether your system consuming your internet or not.

Check your system internet consumption –

You need to check that weather your system also consuming a lot of data or not in background. There are few services in your system that run in the background and consume a lot of data without attracting you and believe me that consumes a lot. Almost your OS updates takes a lot of internet. So just disable your background updates.

Your internet actual internet speed –

Check your internet provider giving you the internet speed in Mbps or in mbps.

What is the difference between the MBps and mbps?

MBps – Megabytes per second

Mbps- Megabits per second

MBps * 8 = Mbps

Increase your internet speed –

So, let’s get started to boost your internet speed –

We can increase the internet speed by

  1. Simple methods
  2. Command prompt (CMD)

Tips to increase internet speed for free without paying more-

1.Check cables –

First thing first. At first you need to check that you are using the good cable for your internet connection. Wired internet (LAN) is little bit fast if you compare it with the wireless internet. But what if the wire is faulty. If your vehicle is too slow how would you get to the office on time. Not possible! Check your cables and wiring of your system with modem.

I am not just talking about the wire at your home instead you should check with the connection of your internet from internet distribution point to your home. There should not be any disturbance in your cable from distribution point to your home.

Always try to keep the length shorten of your modem or connection wires or if possible, always keep the device near your modem because walls and any electronic equipment can be an obstacle for your internet speed.

2.Check Modem/router

May time the issues are with the modem you are using so I would suggest you to check with a different modem or router but do remember that your modem should be compatible with your plan. If the potential of your plan is greater than your modem, then certainly issue is with the modem. So, go ahead and do some market research for new routers.

There are some budget routers in market so you can check them on amazon or on any other website.

3.Check your inline filter

Have you seen any ADSL filter attached to your modem then just check it by replacing with any other filter.

These are some microfilter that allows your internet to work when you are using your phone.

You can simply adjust your micro filter.

The best possible setup –

Set it up near your master socket and hub a little bit bar. even you can use ADSL extension cable but it can decrease the internet speed.

4.Check your system for internet consumption –

As we initially discussed check your system for background updates. Same with another system application as well. Check your system if you have tons of applications that is worthless for you or can be a virus or any application that works in the background as well. Just like upload your data on the server. It will consume your internet for sure. Check your updates properties section in computer. Anything unusual !!! if yes then check it completely that is it something which is useful for your system. You can check that any update by name and you will get to know that which system component is it connected to. Even on the same page you will get the option to uninstall the system update from system.  You can disable the windows 10 automatic updates by switching on the metered connection in windows 10 – Visit the path for MORE INFO CLICK HERE

  • Settings (Win+i) àNetwork and internet à Wi-Fi à Manage known networks àWi-Fi name à Properties àMetered connection à Switch it on

Actually, metered connection control the bandwidth of the internet.

  • Apart from it you can just disable the Services from system as well.
  • Just like BITS, Cryptographic and Windows update.
  • BITS control the downloading of the pending updates from server so if you disable this service your system will not download any update.
  • Cryptographic is responsible for choose the update which needs to be installed in your system.
  • Windows update is responsible to install and apply the downloaded update.
  • Just Go to services by Run command (Win + r) à Type Services.MSc à  Choose mentioned services and select start up type – Disable

5.Scan with antivirus

As on above mention topic you have seen that an antivirus can be harmful in many different ways. Like it can slow down your system performance or it transferring your data from here to somewhere else. So how to get rid of computer virus. You can use windows defender. That is free pre built antivirus that comes with the windows 10 and can provide you 100% security.

If you want to you can use any other antivirus as well with defender as well. Usually you cannot two antiviruses at a time but there is not any issue with defender so use whatever you want.

You just have to update it on time and with this 100 % updated data base or virus definition you would be able to prevent the virus attack on your system.

6.Check Wi-Fi security

Always check your Wi-Fi security. If you have open Wi-Fi just secure it with the password. In open Wi-fi as much connections are connected with that much less speed you will get. So always disconnect unnecessarily connected devices from the internet.

Increase internet speed for free

Always secure your router configuration page with the password. With this unprotected page you would be vulnerable to hackers.

7.Be Updated –

Always check that your system is up to date or not but keep an eye on the modem as well. Because your modem is also a key component.

Always check that your modem firmware is up to date or not. If No then just update It so it will work more efficiently.

8.Check firewall

what is firewall and how does it work? How is it connected to your internet speed?

Well. Firewall is a network security system that observers and manage incoming and outgoing network traffic. So, if the firewall is not working well how would you expect the correct speed. You can install an external firewall for your system and then observe that is there any increase in internet speed post that changes.

9. Use Wi-Fi range extender

Now a days if you search over internet you will find out too many range extenders that can increase your Wi-Fi speed but not up to that mark. But you will slightly difference for sure.

Just search over internet and buy one. Even on internet you can find the way to make one at your home.

10. Change your DNS Settings –

DNS (Domain name service) –

What is DNS?

Internet is wide net of websites. Crores of websites are running currently and each one of them have a separate ID. We can define that ID with some no. like – so if someone enter that no into URL section it will be redirected to a particular site. But can you remember all websites in that IP Address format. That would be little bit complicated so now with the help of DNS we can give them a name like domain name so whenever a person will search for that name your DNS will check the name and associated ID no and connect the person with that IP. When you type a website’s name into your browser, DNS looks up the corresponding IP address of that particular site, the info required to create the desired network connections between Web browsers and Web servers. DNS server response depend on location as well.

Now how long will it take to check that associated Website it depends on the DNS. That why always use fastest DNS for faster response.

How can you change the DNS Server –

Install Name bench –

It’s a simplest way to change your DNS without any modification in your system. Install the name bench and it will hunt down the fastest DNS server for you and it free of cost.

Name bench is available for Mac, Linux & windows for free. try Namebench .

Tips to improve your internet speed with command prompt –

Increase your internet speed with Command prompt (CMD)–

Open the command prompt with admin rights –

Search CMD – Right click – Run as administrator

Execute the command – ipconfig

Now note down your Default gateway IP

Now execute – “ping –t Default Gateway”

Now just minimize the command prompt (Do not close it )

By continuous reply of ping your connection you are establishing the proper internet connection.

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